An Acquisition of an Accumulation, 2017, PVC vinyl banner, car tyres and breeze blocks, 300x200x75cm (approx)
More Than Two Men, 2019, serpentine stone, acrylic paint, steel, wood, 93×126.5×57.5cm
Synthetic Blue III, 2018, cyanotype on paper and frame, 58x77x4cm
Perforations, 2018, UV printed vinyl, perforated vinyl, glass, metal, wood, wax, 95x64x15cm
Temporalis, 2018, UV printed vinyl on glass, slate, paint, oak, artificial grass, metal, 96x160x15.5cm
Underdeveloped Reconstruction (made in China), 2017, UV printed synthetic felt rug and bricks, 297x216x30cm (approx)
No memory of Luton, 2018, UV printed Glass, PVC vinyl prints, brass hooks, Dimensions variable
The Weight and the Silence, 2016, 2-channel HD video projection, 10mins, looped, no sound