Beneath and Between

Beneath and Between
Jonathan Michael Ray & Richard Müller
White Crypt, London
15.09.17 – 07.10.17

(untitled), 2017
3min video, no sound, looped


‘Earth instead of air, water instead of light.

The sand’s memory is as deep as the sand is. It pockets away souvenirs in its folds like a child pocketing shells on a beach.

The streets are completely filled with dirt, clay packs the rooms to the ceilings and over the roofs of the houses hang layers of rocky terrain like skies with cloud.

Sixty feet below a straight grey promenade stretches away between the buildings, the remains of some former thoroughfare, the rusting humped shells of cars still standing by the kerb.

The streets and shops have been preserved almost intact, like a reflection in a lake that has somehow lost its original, but the dampness destroys people’s bodies and they have scant strength; everyone is better off remaining still, prone; anyway, it is dark.

In ten thousand years, all of what might remain of our time will be a spoon, a bowl, a cup, certainly a sediment layer of plastic only partially disintegrated and maybe a set of teeth rattling in a skull. My teeth are loved; when that is done, they will say nothing, because that is the deal we’ve been given and that is the way this works. It seems sensible, in light of these innumerable facts, to forget all else.’

By Jonathan Michael Ray. With quotes from J.G Ballard, Italo Calvino and Angela Pelster.


Across fictional landscapes and artificial materialities, Beneath and Between is collaborative exhibition of new works by the artists Jonathan Michael Ray and Richard Müller. The show invites the spectator to look beyond what is seen, where surfaces and objects oscillate between timeless artefacts and contemporary archeology.

Curated by Anaïs Lerendu


Saturdays from 12 to 6pm
St Mark’s Church
337 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4PW