Jonathan Michael Ray  (formerly Jonathan Haydock)
Married to Hannah Ray
Lives and works London, England
b. High Wycombe, England 1984

Graduated in 2016 from the MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, London.

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Informed by the act of looking, my art practice largely comprises of works in video, photography, print and installation.

The work I make has always been contingent upon, and deeply linked to my surroundings, and I am continuously referencing the landscape, history and environment around me. Beyond this it attempts to explore the relationship between the material and natural world outside of us, and the unknowable and fictional worlds within us.

How do we construct and understand a sense of the self and the existence we inhabit amid the blur of stimuli we are bombarded with on a daily basis?
And, how can we make sense of this singular physical existence knowing that there is a vast multiplicity of things that we can’t or won’t perceive in our lifetimes?

I’m interested in looking beyond what we look for when we look. By breaking down the process by which we see things, and addressing the things that remain unseen.

My projects approach questions such as these, using recognizable subjects such as natural landscapes, found objects, memory, the Internet, photography, literature and cinema, as starting points.