le studio show – 2013

this solo show at galerie bifurski, montréal, exhibited a collection of photo-based works, all of which have been created from images taken from nature used for a combination of manipulated, exaggerated and patiently made constructions.

thinking about the importance of nature in life and its inspiration to art-making though out time, these works are a culmination of thoughts and processes that aim to challenge our understanding of, and relationship to the “natural” world and “landscape” today.

is this still a subject that is of interest in modern society? and how can it continue to be addressed through visual art, particularly when we consider our technological surroundings, which in part only seem to intensify our disconnection from it?

installation view of landslideshow 2012 – 2013
576 digital c-prints ( 8’ x 12’)
and 12 hour video played on a cathode ray tube computer monitor

the work landslideshow is a durational video and photo installation. Installed on the wall is a vista taken from a national park in the north of england. printed across hundreds of photographs, the image itself, taken on a low-resolution point-and-shoot camera, becomes heavily pixelated at its present size, visibly revealing its digital composure. the view, at once impressive, begins to lose its significance.

installation view of landslideshow video.

created from the same photograph, the video runs for twelve hours, rigorously introducing each and every coloured pixel of the landscape. within this display of indefinable detail the scene of nature is lost, whilst in its place a far more complex vision is depicted. human beliefs in nature such as beauty, romance and the sublime are disregarded, and a new realism is revealed through the installations exaggerated dedication to digital experience and reality at its most thorough.

installation view of landslideshow 2012 – 2013
576 digital c-prints
8’ x 12’
installation view of exact maps of nowhere 2012
laser prints on bond paper
43” x 63” each

produced with the use of a digital scanner pressed against various terrain, each work a sequence of scans pieced together into a single print. as life size representations of land, these works render themselves useless as tools of practical navigation, but instead create models for vast new landscapes, which call for an alternative consideration of relationships to nature.

installation view of exact maps of nowhere 2012

more exact maps of nowhere here.