Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface II, 2016, Digital C-type, 168x122cm

“In the beginning, all I ever wanted was to live in the moment, to lose all perspective and exist in two-dimensions. I wanted to squish my face up against the wall, so everything would became a huge foreground of details and close ups: the leaves in the trees, the earth beneath my feet, the weave of the bed sheet, the molecules of your face; your skin like a map, crisscrossed with tiny roads that go nowhere.”

Beneath the Surface is a series of photographic prints made from hedgerows in my home village in Buckinghamshire, UK, without the use of a “camera”. Instead, these blown-up images were taken using a hi-res flatbed scanner outdoors in the dead of the night.

With a direct connection to analogue cameraless processes such as photograms and even the work of Susan Derges, with respect, the purpose of this work is to take the attention away from these more traditional processes and bring it up to date into our age of digital reproduction.

Jonathan Michael Haydock, Installation of Beneath the Surface I, II & III, 2016
Installation of Beneath the Surface Just another layer of death on top of the rest


*Misquote from “A Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.
Photo credit: Charlie Littlewood, 2016