Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface II, 2016, Digital C-type, 168x122cm

“In the beginning, all I ever wanted was to live in the moment, to lose all perspective and exist in two-dimensions. I wanted to squish my face up against the wall, so everything would became a huge foreground of details and close ups: the leaves in the trees, the earth beneath my feet, the weave of the bed sheet, the molecules of your face; your skin like a map, crisscrossed with tiny roads that go nowhere.”

Beneath the Surface is a series of photographic prints made from hedgerows in my home village in Buckinghamshire, UK, without the use of a “camera”. Instead, these blown-up images were taken using a hi-res flatbed scanner outdoors in the dead of the night.

Jonathan Michael Haydock, Installation of Beneath the Surface I, II & III, 2016
Installation of Beneath the Surface Just another layer of death on top of the rest


*Misquote from “A Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.
Photo credit: Charlie Littlewood, 2016