Slowing Down the Light

Slowing down the light (install shot)
Slowing Down the Light #02 & #03, 2017, Inkjet prints on Somerset Paper, 150x100cm

Slowing Down the Light 05
Slowing Down the Light #05


Beyond the act of looking there is a desperate belief that there is something to look at in the first place. Remove this, and it’s as if we were never here to begin with.

Constructed through an entirely digital process, the image series Slowing Down the Light is created by overlapping and aligning every frame of a 30 second video clip.

Each of the original videos, recorded on a hand-held camera in the Muir Woods of California, USA, pan across and around a small section of redwood forest from a fixed position.

Back in the studio, through a uniquely developed process these simple and short videos are rigorously, patiently, and manually edited and deconstructed frame-by-frame, and finally they are exported as the single photographic images you see here.

This project is rooted in an interest in photography’s ability to compress duration, movement, light and space, similar in a way to the compression of rock strata found deep beneath the Earth.

From living now in a completely photo-centric society, it’s time to begin questioning the reality of what and why we choose to see and capture through the lens, and whether or not it can ever again be greater or more significant than any other thing.

Both natural and mechanical life, in all of their infinite multitudinous, is forever fleeting and replicating itself at such a speed, that everything we see, think, or make will likely never have anymore lasting effect than a single ray of light as it falls through the canopy of an 2000 year old tree.

Install shot by: Mariana Bisti