The Mountain of Abundance and a Cavern for Nostalgia


A collaborative project with Richard Müller that culminated in an installation of found and assembled materials, videos and sound.

Through western history a desire to discover and “conquer” nature, and in this way to take ownership of it, has always been considered noble, holy and right. We want to challenge and conquer the ridiculous arrogance of these notions of mastery and ownership over nature.

“The Mountain of Abundance and a Cavern for Nostalgia” depicts the mountain, one of the greatest monuments to nature’s mystery and power, as prostitute; used for its sacred beauty and reduced to a site of “historic importance”.

This work is built almost entirely from salvaged materials, a projection edited from “The Epic of Everest” (filmed footage of the first attempt to climb Mount Everest), redrawn details from Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Danté’s Inferno, and has an electromagnetic recording of the Earth in space as a soundtrack.